Shohel Rana

Shohel Rana

Shohel Rana


About Me.

Hi, I am Shohel Rana, a creative software engineer with a solid programming background on web technologies, endeavoring to come to global attention in the tech world. As a software engineer, I enjoy bridging the gap between research and engineering combining my technical knowledge with my sharp eye for Machine Learning and Data Science to create an innovative application.

When I'm not in front of a computer screen, I'm probably busy with doing some research on AI stuffs or focusing on setting myself up for achieving a leadership role in any challenging and creative environment.

Professional Summary

I am an M.Sc.-educated software engineer with over 13 years of large (ERP) and complex commercial project experience in software development. Since then, I've worked as a full-stack software engineer, team lead, principal engineer, development manager, software architect, and AI engineer, and I also have experience in business gathering and analysis, product design, QA, training, technical support, release management, consulting, implementation, and entrepreneurial roles and have a well-rounded background. I have a passion for technology and the positive impact it creates on business transformation and process improvement.highly accountable for meeting all commitments and deadlines.

  • NameShohel Rana
  • Residence11 Rue Henri Murger, 20390 Casablanca, Morocco
  • Phone+212 763484405
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