Shohel Rana

Shohel Rana

Shohel Rana


My Resume.


I am an M.Sc.-educated software engineer with over 13 years of large (ERP) and complex commercial project experience in software development. Since then, I've worked as a full-stack software engineer, team lead, principal engineer, development manager, software architect, and AI engineer, and I also have experience in business gathering and analysis, product design, QA, training, technical support, release management, consulting, implementation, and entrepreneurial roles and have a well-rounded background. I have a passion for technology and the positive impact it creates on business transformation and process improvement.highly accountable for meeting all commitments and deadlines.


Frontend: ReactJS, Angular, AngularJS, Vue.js, jQuery, Apollo Client, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, Material UI, and SASS.
Backend: Python, Django, NodeJS, NestJS, GoLang, Gin, .NET, C#, ASP.NET, WPF, EF, SSRS, RDLC, Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Jasper, Webhooks, Serverless. Mobile: React Native, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), iOS, Swift, Android, Kotlin. Build tools: Webpack, Gulp, Yarn, Docker, CI/CD, Jenkins, Git, Maven. Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, MS SQL, GraphQL, Redis. Code Quality: ESLint, Prettier, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, End-to-End Testing, Cypress, Selenium, Jest, Enzyme, Jasmine, Karma. Tools & Technology:WebStorm,VS Code,Postman,Visual Studio,DDD,RabbitMQ,Kafka, ES.


    • Principal Engineer (ReactJS, NodeJs, Golang, Python, MongoDb) Qalqul Engine

      Casablanca, Morocco (100% on-site)

      Omnichannel communication ecosystem

      ● Responsible for designing and developing the architecture of the system.
      ● Introduced process changes to maintain quality as the team grows and expands to multiple locations.
      ● Identified architectural improvements resulting in increased developer efficiency, product reliability, and responsiveness to new feature requests.
      ● Continuously adjusted priorities and addressed issues to improve efficiency.
      ● Developing functional and design documents along with project management teams for new requirements and product enhancements.

      6 month 08/2022 To Date
    • Lead Frontend Engineer (ReactJS, NodeJs, Angular, .Net Core) MyMydeicalHub

      Dhaka, Bangladesh (100% on-site)

      Development of a healthcare ecosystem

      ● Provide leadership and technical direction for a multidisciplinary team
      ● Collaborating with the Backend and product development team.
      ● Develop new user-facing features and write reusable code.
      ● Enhance application for maximum speed and scalability
      ● Built complete frontend architecture
      ● Played the lead role of the mobile team, QA and AI team also.
      ● Assist new members with grooming and problem-solving.

      2 year + 05/2020 07/2022
    • Senior Software Engineer (Angular, TypeScript, Microservice) Selise Digital Platforms

      Dhaka, Bangladesh (100% on-site)

      Finance, Insurance, Consumer Goods, Sports, Events, Telco

      ● Participated in every step of the product development process
      ● Worked alongside another developer to implement RESTful APIs
      ● Overhauled the UI for the full event management system.
      ● Testing with cross browsers Developing new user-facing features and writing reusable code.

      3 month 02/2020 04/2020
    • Software Engineer (ReactJS, Angular, Java) IdeaScale

      Dhaka, Bangladesh (100% on-site)

      Development of an innovation management system

      ● Collaborated with product team members to implement new feature developments. Standardized all output with a new, responsive, mobile-first approach and strategy.
      ● Assessed UX and UI designs for technical feasibility.
      ● Maintaining, optimizing, troubleshooting, and improving websites, Unit Testing (Jest, React-Test-Renderer)
      ● Built complete frontend architecture

      1 year + 02/2019 01/2020
    • Lead Frontend Engineer (AngularJS, .NET, SQL, WPF, ASP.NET MVC) Next It Ltd

      Dhaka, Bangladesh (100% on-site)

      Full design and development of a garments ERP system

      ● Leading the development team in the design, development, coding, testing, and debugging of applications.
      ● Keep up to date with the latest development software
      ● Trained 20+ junior developers

      8 year 12/2010 10/2018
    • Assistant Programmer (F#, VB6, Asp.Net Classic) Union Group

      Dhaka, Bangladesh (100% on-site)

      Finance, Insurance, Consumer Goods, Sports, Events, Telco

      ● Participated in every step of the product development process
      ● Worked alongside another developer to implement APIs
      ● Overhauled the UI for the full event management system.

      1 year 10/2009 11/2010


● Eagerness to Learn. Never done learning and always seeking to improve myself.I am a dedicated and hardworking person who works with lots of computer languages and is eager to learn more and more emerging technologies. Analyzed new business and develop products from scratch.
● Analytical Problem Solver. Simplifies ambiguous and complex situations to deliver consistent, compelling, innovative, and definitive solutions. Deployed multiple times to resolve challenges with troubled projects and to liaise with stakeholders and legal teams to deliver turnaround programs. Removed bugs from the ERP software for ABC Company, making it 50% more efficient than before.
● Leadership and Management. Direct and indirect leadership of several hundred engineers, highly successful in developing and executing service strategies. Managed ERP integration within various modules. Trained 50+ individuals in handling software development cycles, as part of their induction processes.Led the development of DotCode. Wrote 80% of the code, and reviewed the rest. Achieved excellent system stability.
● Communication and Negotiation. Effective communicator across all levels of the organization up to the board level. Obtained “Employee of the Month Award” 2 times in a row, owing to exceptional software design and support to all departments.
● Creativity and Innovation. Re-imagines the IT landscape through design thinking, ideation, strategic insight, and market knowledge to create and bring differentiated and compelling innovation to the Digital Workplace. I enjoy bridging the gap between research and engineering combining my technical knowledge with my sharp eye for Machine Learning and Data Science to create an innovative applications.
● Adaptability and Flexibility. Proven ability to remain resilient and tenacious under pressure whilst displaying fortitude in the face of adversity. Excellent change manager effectively collaborates with cross-functional teams.
● Delivering Results. Deadline oriented and thrives under pressure. Responds quickly to changing priories. Created an automated code pipeline, hence, increasing allowance to move to a continuous delivery model


    • M.Sc. , B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering

      University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

      5 years 01/2005 07/2010


● Publication for “Content-based Document Classification using Soft Cosine Measure: IJACSA”
● Empowering developers’ knowledge worldwide over free online training.
● AI (Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning. Expert Sys).
● Volunteer for Intra department programming contest.
● Arrange a hackathon in the internal company for finding a better idea.
● Built a customer experience SaaS products successfully.
● Ability to build a team for a startup company.
● Won a prize for the development of patient portal management in MyMedicalHub.